Why is a digital receipt a healthy alternative?

Over the past few years, the world has been changing its established laws and regulations. Most companies are turning dramatically towards ecology and responsible consumption: waste recycling, waste-free production, and abandonment of classic plastic. Singapore, Kenya, Rwanda and a number of other countries have already imposed a ban on the use of plastic bags, and French supermarkets are fined for throwing out expired products at the legislative level. However, one obsolete practice remains the use of paper receipts.

The issue of the danger of printed receipts has been covered many times by world media. And while some retail giants such as Apple, CVS, and Tesco are gradually switching to digital alternatives, the changes are still very slow.

There are at least three main reasons why a digital receipt is not only a good marketing tool for business development but also an important environmental alternative:

Environmental impact

The paper-free movement is gaining momentum: air and train tickets, utility and phone bills – everything is in our email inbox.

However, the paper industry continues to harm the planet. And it’s not only about the deforestation.

Approximately 93% of paper receipts are covered with Bisphenol-A. The presence of this chemical means that enterprises are unable to accept receipts for processing. Instead, they are sent to a landfill, from where the harmful substance seeps into the groundwater.

A recent study by the New York State Department of Health links Bisphenol-A to reproductive and neurological problems.

Consumer influence

Buyers stack paper receipts in piles in case the product needs to be replaced. However, after half a year, the ink on the receipt is erased, rendering it completely useless.

The digital alternative is an eternal guarantee in case you need to return the goods. Even if the letter with the receipt has been deleted, it can be easily found in the trash.

Commercial impact

In many countries of the world, stores are required to offer receipts as proof of purchase. However, paper costs stores hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year.

Small shops suffer most from constant paper consumption. At the same time, the world’s largest retailers are taking serious steps towards digital receipts. Their marketing departments understand that digital communication with consumers is an additional opportunity to create a quality offer, improve the loyalty system, and, in general, a digital receipt is an indispensable tool for developing relationships with an offline buyer.

How much money do you need?

There are various packages that are individually configured for each retailer. It all depends on volume and needs. However, this is a great investment in the future. Payback will be tangible in the first year after the transition to a new system.

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