Pulsior helps retailers gather, analyze and connect online and offline data to increase sales using AI


Retail Purchases Still Happen Offline



Pulsior connects online and offline data to improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies and increase revenue

Benefits for Retailers

Bridge the gap between online and offline customer data

Our AI-powered solution is used to create complex audience segments

Get the complete vision of your customers

Sync your offline purchases with customers` interests. Use this data to fully understand your audience and its buying intentions​

Get the most of your marketing ​

Incorporate you offline data into your digital marketing strategy. Target your offline customers when they are online​

Engage with your customers with a personalized message based on an individual sale

Deliver a right message based on purchase information to increase engagement with your customers

We help brick and mortar businesses to succeed in the online reality

Increse your customer frequency

Create advertising campaigns using data-driven approach

Increase average transaction value

Bring the right message at the right time

Increase loyalty​

Let data-driven insights contribute to your revenue ​

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